Teachers (tutors/lecturers) can contribute to the development of the education sector in Uganda by uploading and selling learning material to students at affordable prices to facilitate constructive revision. Create lessons using our enhanced course creation manager that includes the following;
Uploaded lessons/learning material
PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX)
Documents (PDF/DOC/DOCX)
Audio (mp3, wav)
Video uploaded (mp4, mpg)
Teachers can create paid lesson using our enhanced and well developed quiz builder with the following question types;
True or false Quiz
Multiple choice questions’ Quiz
Uploaded response Quiz (Useful for handing in coursework and subject assignments to teachers)
Paragraph Quiz
Image choice
Short answer Quiz
We make monthly payments to teachers in regards to the number of paid materials downloaded or paid courses attended on their profile. The more paid downloads or paid courses attended by students, the more income they receive form their courses. We will charge a 25% transaction fee for each paid course or paid download by the students. Payments are made by mobile money using teacher phone number.