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What Are The Challenges Of Performance Management?

Now that you have a better understanding of what Performance Management is and how to put it into practice, we will also present some of the challenges in implementing this form of management.

Knowing in advance about these challenges, we hope you are already prepared to overcome them if you encounter them.

 Lack Of Integration And Inappropriate Design

This is one of the biggest challenges that can come your way. The lack of integration between strategic planning, human resources and organizational culture impairs the flow of information and makes Performance Management a less effective and agile process.

To avoid this risk, Performance Management systems cannot be a simple copy of another company. Intensive consultation with the various stakeholders and users of the system is necessary for it to function properly.

For example, think that your company is a startup in the insurance sales industry and you want to implement Performance Management. With that in mind, you studied the subject and found that you need to start a Performance Assessment cycle.

Aiming for success, you base your assessment on another company, which today is very successful. However, this other company is traditional, hierarchical and in the field of information technology.\Her assessment will focus on completely different technical and behavioral competencies that your company needs to focus on. After all, while you are a startup , it is much more hierarchical. While you sell insurance, it sells software.

It is noted that the behaviors and knowledge expected of each employee of your company and that other company are different.Finally, Performance Management needs to be seen as an ongoing process and not a seasonal activity. The project must include tools to reward good performance and deal with bad executions.

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