Performance Evaluation Form: Physical or Online?

Performance Evaluation Form

Use our performance evaluation form to apply to your company and understand how you can transform your results with an Online System.

Performance evaluation is defined as a systematic analysis of the performance of each professional in the company, depending on the tasks they perform, the goals they have, the attitudes that are expected and the results to be achieved, in addition to their development potential.

For that, the performance evaluation by competences measures the professional’s performance evaluation form , relating it with the ideal competences for the performance of its function and for the accomplishment of the organizational objectives.

Competence is understood as the set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that the professional must have, according to the activity.

It is a process that mainly measures the contribution of each employee to the organization, as well as the quality of the execution of responsibilities, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and the potential of each employee.

These data are related to organizational objectives and goals, enabling a development plan to be built together with the person evaluated.

The process also helps to identify the organization’s talents and optimize their potential, as well as making it possible to identify problems in management and supervision, in the integration of people into the organization, in the suitability of the person for the position, in the location of possible deficiencies in training and professional development.

Consequently, it seeks to implement individual and business change strategies through programs that promote personal, professional and organizational development.

In the performance evaluation by competences through performance evaluation form , the employee plays an active role in their evaluation and in their development, as they participate in the evaluation, helping to define their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their potential.

As a result, it acquires greater commitment to its development, as it participates in the process of defining its own goals and objectives. The manager’s role is to help the employee relate his performance, his potential and objectives to the needs and reality of the company, drawing up a development plan with him.

How to make a Performance Evaluation Form

To make a performance review form, it is important to first know the types of evaluation:



Grading graphic scales

Forced choice and distribution

Field research

Critical incidents

Pair comparison

Performance report

Evaluation by results

Performance standards

Descriptive phrases

Evaluation by objectives

Potential assessment

Balanced Scorecard

Why is Performance Appraisal by Competencies Important?


The  by competences is important, as it is a tool that increases the stimulus and motivation to work.

The performance evaluation by competences allows the company to have knowledge of how its professionals perform the activities, in addition to obtaining a greater understanding of their potential.

The adopted methodology provides objectivity, clarity and transparency in the process, giving it credibility, insofar as it minimizes subjective perceptions.

Also, this is an important development management tool, as it provides a systematic look, in order to allow the establishment of salary practices, promotions and transfers, communicating to employees about their performance in work activities, opening the door to be able to suggest necessary changes. , both in terms of behavior and attitudes, and in terms of skills or knowledge.

Competency-based management makes it possible to identify essential competencies, skills and knowledge that determine professional effectiveness, as well as gaps in the qualification of the employee for specific tasks, providing resources to improve their capabilities.


The result of such an approach is a cadre of more talented and more productive employees as they are aligned with organizational goals, which represents a cultural shift towards a greater sense of responsibility and self-management.

It’s also a simple way to improve performance.

The main reasons why organizations are concerned with evaluating the performance of their employees are:

Provide a systematic evaluation to support salary increases, promotions, transfers and dismissals;

Communicating to employees how they are doing at work and suggesting what changes are needed, both in behavior and attitudes, and in skills or knowledge;

They are used by leaders as a basis for providing feedback to their employees regarding their performance. Therefore, it is a tool not only relevant, but a differential in companies.

Situations that demand performance evaluation by competences.

Implementation of a competency-based management model;

Evaluate the performance of employees;

Be clear about what the team’s difficulties are, allowing more assertiveness in training;

Valuing and motivating the team according to its performance by performance evaluation form ;

Have a fair and coherent recognition and valuation system;

Provide the basis for a variable remuneration system;

Knowing the difficulties and potential of each employee;

Develop an Individual and Organizational Development Plan;

Increase productivity.

Expected results

Search for a team of more talented and more productive professional members, which represents a cultural shift towards a greater sense of responsibility and self-management on the part of professionals;

Improve performance, as a process that facilitates self-knowledge, self-criticism and continuous improvement of employees;

Assist in other company processes, such as: career planning, internal recruitment, replacements and demand for training;

Have an instrument that supports a variable compensation program;

Increase the motivation of professionals;

Have a better understanding of employees.

Online Performance Assessment Form

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